User Mental Modeling

Quantitative data can tell us a lot, and It’s what drives the AI models. But who are we creating the AI models for and why?

User mental model is a qualitative data process that produces mental category models that describes what people feel, think, know and believe about a certain phenomenon. The mental models give you better insights in your market. They are a great tool for knowing what to develop and what to communicate.

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    Quality Over Quantity

    The road to become AI driven


    Set the baseline

    To become AI driven you must understand where you are now. With the AI Feasibility Report we map out your current AI maturity and help align you expectations with your overall business strategies.

    Map out AI values

    Mapping out your value chain is a good step in order to find areas where AI can be used to optimise your chain and increase profit. In the AI strategy we help you map this out.

    Identify your AI use cases

    Once you have an understanding of your value chain, you can map out and ideate on AI use cases for your organisation. This step is also a part of the AI Strategy service

    Build your AI strategy

    When you have and understanding of why you want to build AI capabilities and Identified feasible use cases you are ready to put together your AI strategy.