AI is for everyone and we are developing the AI Development Board to make it easier to understand how to find great AI opportunities.
Easy to understand

Get everybody onboard on your projects

One of the biggest challenges when implementing and starting projects that involves new technologies like AI and Machine Learning is the communication between all of the stakeholders. The main mission of the AI Development Board is to visualize the development process and make this easier to communicate.

The AI Development Board

AI development simplified

Get a fast and simple overview over where you are in your development process. The AI Development Board is divided into four sections, whit five sub-categories to visualise the progress. 

Learn as you go

Glossary and pedagogical tools

Where ever you know it all or you are novice in the world of AI the AI Development Board comes packed with a large knowledge base. The quick glossary is a helpful tool if you want to refresh your knowledge or help you educate and move stakeholders forward in the development process. Knowledge is power and that is also true about the AI Development Board.

Quick Roadmap builder

Creating roadmaps have never been easier

Creating roadmaps have never been easier! The AI Development Board connects with your progress and makes sure that you can share and communicate you plan with all key stakeholders. 

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Be a part of bringing this amazing service to life! The AI Development Board is still under development, and we want you to join us! Contact us in the form below and we’ll get right back to you!