One who has a Why
can always create a How

AI55 is a dynamic duo that sparked to life 2020. We have a passion for creative problem solving while working together like yin and yang.

Filip Romeling is born and raised in Västerås, Sweden but has recently moved to Stockholm for good. With years of experiences in Marketing strategy, graphic design and photography, Filip is a chameleon who is a natural at adapting to his environment and solving Its obstacles.

Simone Karoliussen is born and based in Stockholm, Sweden with a passion for psychology and communication. With years of work experience followed by studies and work in Los Angeles, USA, Simone has developed a unique ability to hear and understand costumers wants and needs.

On our free time, we recharge by doing sh*it we love. We’re two creative souls that inhale artsy stuff like photography, music and takes every chance to be active in the nature.